the plaid hatter

so i have been hitting zara up like a motherfucker both online and in store. they are killing it so hard right now i can't help it! i got both this jacket, and skirt one random trip to the grove and its so not like me to wear an entire outfit from one store, but whatever no one will ever know. except for you guys cause i just told you. ok soooo what's happening ok yeah coachella is next weekend i'm sure everyone is going except for me. but believe this, coachella weekend is still a party. cause everyone in l.a. is gone and there is no traffic and everywhere is empty and i just troll about town real hard. los angeles is my oyster, and i'm gonna put a big scoop of horseradish and cocktail sauce on it and....party. xx
jacket&skirt//zara, shoes//stella mccartney, clutch//alexander wang, photos//zoey grossman


look back at it

hot tub time machine
silver rings//luv aj, arrowhead//pamela love. oh, and these nail wraps are from little bb steph stone! <3
oh hi guys. i know its been awhile. im sorry! i feel really bad about it. if it makes you feel any better i have another post all queued up for dat ass. ok so this is in zoey's backyard, but the real elephant in the room is that she has an 80's HOT TUB back there. yes. i've never been in it but i sure as hell plan on it. also this hat i love so much. its definitely a faux maison michel which is a bummer, but it fits my giant paisano head. andddd it has a burgundy ribbon. also i've been wearing these leather legging like they are going out of style. which they never will. also who cares about clothes is FRIDAYYY. xx
  jacket//sandro, shirt//stylestalker, pants//blank nyc, hat//topshop, shoes//marni, bag//howl&horn, photos//zoey grossman


ashexander wang

i mean if alexander wang can do it, why can't i? i can take advantage of a good bathroom with the rest of them! and this pepto paradise made for a perfect backdrop. i am super into miniskirts right now for some reason-----i went on a miniskirt bender and this lace up bad boy was on of my casualties. i also got 2 mohair miniskirts----one in pink and one in baby blue. i have no idea what's going on with me right now. also, those aren't silver boogers hanging out of my nose, i randomly got my septum pierced cause i was bored. figured its easily hidden and doesn't leave a scar so why not? i did get a sinus infection a week later which was really awesome for the healing process. ok love you bye!
jacket//sandro, hoodie//twelfth street, tee//daftbird, skirt//zara, bra//la perla, boots//isabel marant, bag//howl & horn, photos//zoey grossman


no nu frenz

hello again. here's part deux of my workin' weekend in jackson hole, wyoming. which by the way, is colder than a witches tit. which is weird cause i've never touched a witches tit but apparently people have and they are damn cold. this jacket finalllllly came in handy and served a purpose of warmth rather than a multicolored faux statement and i was so happy to be able to wear it all damn day cause it rules. and i'm sure you are probably sick of this cardigan but i can't take it off cause i love the color and it layers oh so right. also, who flashes their witches tit in 11 degree weather? me, cause i'm inappropriate. i can't help it. purse 'n boobs! speaking of boobs happy hump day! couldn't help that one either. ok bye.
jacket//scotch&soda, cardi//american apparel, tank//daftbird, bra//for love and lemons, faux leather pants//h&m, sunglasses//benjamin eyewear, photos//zoey grossman <3


red light special

sooooooo i went to jackson hole, wyoming for a weekend of work/fun with my friends for love and lemons, and zoey of course. and while we were working and tired i also forced her to take blog pics for me, because i'm mean to my best friend. ok, 1. she's a photographer and 2. does suchhhh a good job, who else is gonna take my blog photos? my boyfriend? no wayyyy. this wasn't so bad we were righttttt in front of our room (tiny cabin) for god's sakes! also it was 11 degrees so i wasn't wearing this on the daily, simply for the 5 minutes it took to take these. and if i had nuts they would've frozen off. also, there's one more post from wyoming so get ready bitches! k love you bye. xx
sweater//unif, cardi//american apparel, jacket&boots//zara, photos//zoey grossman <3