gypsy dreamer

been waiting for this bad boy to come out for farrrrr too long! one of my favorite shoots to date with my crew for love and lemons. with one of my favorite models everrrrrrr (eyebrow envy x 1000), marine deleeuw. i had been trolling her on instagram for basically forever, so when i finally got to dress her as my dream gyspy in a sick ass decadent house, with jewels from my boho luxe go-to jacquie aiche, and one of a kind crowns from my friend kate at amaroq. it was so fucking awesome to see everything come to life. shoots like this make me feel super lucky i get to do what i do!
for love and lemons fall '15//
model//marine deleeuw, photographer//zoey grossman, hair//luke chamberlain, makeup//samuel paul, styling//me duhhhh


side of the road sally

went on a one night jaunt to palm springs with zoey and of course i forced her to pull over on the side of the road and take my photo. actually it was a well thought out plan that was concocted by me early that morning when 1. i put like 5 mins of thought into my outfit, and 2. when i realized zoey was already gonna have her camera and i could beg and plead at her feet to just take 5 mins worth of snaps. being the good friend that she is, she obliged. and thank god cause all my blog posts are in the concrete jungle! dirty downtown sidewalks, boring residential areas……all work and no play make for some really boring blog backdrops! and when i do go on a vacation somewhere visually stimulating i am far too consumed with eating and drinking myself into oblivion so there's just no chance for a boozed up bloated blog post. which i think is probably a good thing. ok luh you bye.
maxi dress//free people, bra//for love and lemons skivvies, shorts//one teaspoon, bag//stela 9, cross necklace//ford+harris, black stone ring//last night jewellery, photos//zoey grossman <3


summer haze

i know i haven't updated in a minute. i'm sorry. i am on my 15th day in a row working and i can barely open my eyes in the morning let alone work up the courage to edit, upload, and resize a blog post ZZZzzzZzZZzzzZ ahhahahhah ok sorry i fell asleep at the keyboard :/ ok here's some of the fruits of my labor! pretty bb deer marina in a crazy lavish garden and a 10,000 square foot house that is EMPTY inside. yeah, your heard that right…..this house is empty. like no one lives there. ever. but they pay people to maintain the yard and garden. hmmmmm doesn't make any sense but ok! for love and lemons. summer. love this crew so much! you know what else i love? the weekend. and its comin' in hot. xx
photos//zoey grossman, model//marina nery @ society, hair//ashlee rose, makeup//stacey tan, styling by this italiano! all jewelry from my favorites jacquie aiche