in full swing

still on the blahg-ing train, as promised! shocked that i am actually following through with my promise?! me too! ok ok so its monday, which blows, but thanksgiving is coming in hot which really makes me happy cause i get a bunch of days off to do my most favoritest thing-----eat! and while we are on the topic of eating, lets talk about how much i love this baby doll dress cause i can eat 7,000 burgers and no one is gonna know what's going on under here. and it has a bell sleeve, which i am always down for. and hells yes to the fact that you can kinda sorta wear a jacket in l.a. right now. 70 degrees whatever i will take it! i'm desperate! ok gotta go back to work but i will see you here same time next week! xx
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white tees, please!

it's time. time that i address the age old question of "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT LOW CUT WHITE TEE?!?!?!" i try to answer every question and i tag what i'm wearing on instagram, but i felt like i needed to really dig into the low cut white tee, since it's my #1 wardrobe staple. the one i am wearing in these pics, and that i wear most often in life, is by daftbird. its by far the lowest neckline i've found, and i've worn this one to death-----i love it in all its dingy state so much. you can buy this exact one here. i also love the novella royale muse tank (i love a simple vneck and mary makes a damn good one.) lna kills the white tee (and the stripe tee, and the ripped tee, i could go on.) and i also love brandy melville believe it or not-----in all their messy stacks you can find a damn good low cut tank. the trick is-----STRETCH that shit out!!! stretch the living daylights out of it. pull on it until you hear things that don't sound quite right, things are ripping, seams are coming apart a bit, let the little holes you create grow and customize that shit into the perfect bra showing super low neck tee. k?! hope this helps. that's all my secrets right thurr. xx
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knitz holiday '14

ok soooooo the holidays are creepin'. like really creepin'. and its still a bajillion degrees in california. what the hell??? i wanna be all cozy in a damn winter wonderland is that too much to ask?! i guess that would require me to move…..but i love my apartment too much so i guess 85 degree xmas it is! here's a little lookbook love from my friends over at for love and lemons----this time for knitz! with the always dream bb taylor hill----whose eyebrows i would do just about anything for. xx
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pink powder puff

sooooooo if you're still checking my blog (hi grandma!) you might be wondering…..what the hell is ashley doing and why the hell doesn't she ever post?? i mean, i agree. i've been working so damn much but thats no excuse! i actually feel super sad that i haven't been blogging……as much as i feel like a tool when i'm getting my photo taken (which is all the time----the feeling like a tool part) and ESPECIALLY when a passerby sees the blogging in action (the most embarrassing)-----thats also no excuse! the moral of this story is that i am gonna try my hardest to give ye ole purse 'n boots some love, cause i been doin' this too long to just give up! zoey was also out of town for like 2 months so i blame her for my blahg neglect. cause lets be honest, if grossman wasn't behind the lens there wouldn't be a single cool picture of me. i hereby declare i am making an effort to update this bitch more often than once a month. wish me luck!
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